The American Revolution

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Table of Contents of the American Revolution CD

This American Revolution CD, with 137 books plus historical documents, in plain text formatis available for $19 at our online store.

History books dealing with the American Revolution and the Early Republic

Mercy Otis Warren, conscience of the American Revolution

I entered these works by Mercy Otis Warren by hand. (The old type, with "s" that looks like "f" and other peculiarities characteristic of the time, makes this text impossible to scan). I have modernized the spelling and punctuation and made other edits for readability. Please let me know of typos, so I can fix them promptly. Richard Seltzer

This edition of Mercy Warren's works is Copyright © 2002 Richard Seltzer. Permission is granted to make and distribute complete verbatim electronic copies of this item for non-commercial purposes provided the copyright information and this permission notice are preserved on all copies. All other rights reserved. Please contact us first if you are interested in making copies for commercial purposes, Comments welcome.

Portrait of Mercy Warren (by Copley) -- closeup of face, full figure

The Rise, Progress and Termination of the American Revolution by Mercy Warrn

Plays by Mercy Warren

Observations on the new Constitution, and on the Federal and State Conventions, 1788. Pamphlet against the Constitution, formerly attributed to Elbridge Gerry, now acknowledged as written by Mercy Otis Warren

Chronology of Mercy Otis Warren 1728 - 1814 by King Dykeman, Philosophy Department, Fairfield University

Introduction to the work of Mercy Otis Warren 1728 - 1814 by King Dykeman, Philosophy Department, Fairfield University

Introduction to Observations on the New Constitution by Mercy Otis Warren by King Dykeman, Philosophy Department, Fairfield University

Biography of Mercy's brother: "James Otis the Pre-Revolutionist" by John Ridpath

Mercy Warren's entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th edition, 1911:

"Warren, Mercy (1728-1814), American writer, sister of James Otis, was born at Barnstable, Mass., and in 1754 married James Warren (1726-1808) of Plymouth, Mass., a college friend of her brother. Her literary inclinations were fostered by both these men, and she began early to write poems and prose essays. As member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives (1766-1774) and its speaker (1776-1777 and 1787-1788), member (1774 and 1775) and president (1775) of the Provincial Congress, and paymaster-general in 1775, James Warren took a leading part in the events of the American revolutionary period, and his wife followed its progress with keen interest. Her gifts of satire were utilized in her political dramas, The Adulator (1773) and The Group (1775); and John Adams, whose wife Abigail was Mercy Warren's close friend, encouraged her to further efforts. Her tragedies "The Sack of Rome" and "The Ladies of Castile," were included in her Poems, Dramatic and Miscellaneous (1790), dedicated to General Washington. Apart from their historical interest among the beginnings of American literature, Mercy Warren's poems have no permanent value. In 1805 she published a History of the American Revolution, which was colored by somewhat outspoken personal criticism and was bitterly resented by John Adams (see his correspondence, published by the Massachusetts Historical Society, 1878). James Warren died in 1808, and his wife followed him on the 19th of October 1814."

Historical Documents relating to the American Revolution and Early Republic

Fiction relating to the American Revolution and Early Republic

This American Revolution CD, with 137 books plus historical documents, in plain text formatis available for $19 at our online store.

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