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Helping you discover books you'll love. Ebook editions of classic works. Quench your thirst for books.

Rave review of Quench Editions from Orson Scott Card (author "Ender's Game" and dozens of other great novels.)
"A Library for the Price of a Book", article in the Braille Monitor, November 2012

Books for
e-readers (Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Sony, etc.).  Single books and multi-book files in three formats a single download --  .prc (for Kindle) and .epub and .pdf  (for other ereaders, as well as PCs and Macs).

What's up, Doc? -- What you can do with books in doc format.  Starting now (July 2014) all new books posted here will include a doc version, in addition to epub, pdf, and prc -- all zipped in a single file.  If you buy an older book and would like the doc version, just let me know by email Why doc?  The other versions, which are intended for reading on ereaders (Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Apple gadets, etc.) can't be edited.  You can open doc files in Microsoft Word and do anything with them that you can do with any other file -- highlight, edit, annotate, copy-and-paste, save changes, print, etc.  If you are doing research or serious reading, you might well want those capabilities.  Please note that you could read a book on an ereader, then open the doc version of the same book on your PC or Mac to do serious work with select sections.

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