INTERNET-ON-A-DISK #19, February 1997

The newsletter of electronic texts and Internet trends.

edited by Richard Seltzer,,


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The AltaVista Search Revolution: How to Find Anything on the Internet by Richard Seltzer (who writes and publishes this newsletter) was recently published by Osborne/McGraw-Hill. It is available in book stores and also at the AltaVista Search Web site (at the bottom of the page, click on "Buy the Book"). Library Journal (Feb. 1 issue) called it "indispensable" and recommended that libraries buy three copies.

What's New (etexts available on the Internet): B&R Samizdat Express, The Gutenberg Project, The Bartleby Project, Bibliomania, Theology on the Web, The Tech Archive, Philosophers (The U. of Idaho), The Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia, The Tolstoy Library, the Jules Verne Collection, The Screenwriters Utopian Home Page, Wordman Production Company, Macmillan Computer Publishing Online Books, Chalidze Publications, The Online Medieval and Classical Library, The Virtual Bookshelf, Book People


Web Notes The Changing Face of Technology, Electronic Recruiting News, Mapping Your Future, CollegeBound.NET, Contact Center Network, Terra Chess, Live Computer Help,, VersusLaw, Web Consultants Association, IBM Patent Server

Curious Non-Use of Technology Telephone over the Internet, Internet Fast Forward

Curious Technology Firefly, Site Watch, internet-now, Broadcaster, NewsMonger, LookSmart, Filez, Coola

Curious Business Models Millenium Interactive

Resources for the Disabled "Guidelines for Reporting and Writing about People with Disabilities", In Touch Network

Other Educational Resources Live from Antarctica 2, WebCT, Index of Resources for Historians, Al Bodzin's Home Page

Reviews of Internet Books

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