BUSINESS ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB: where "word of keystroke" begins

May 13, 1997 -- Web-hosting prices, modular Web sites, chat, and other subjects

Transcript of the live chat session that took place Tuesday, May 13, 1997. These sessions are normally scheduled for noon-1 PM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4) every Thursday.

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Since the chat itself happens at a rapid pace, it's often difficult to note interesting facts in particular URLs as they appear on-line. Here's a place to take a more leisurely look. I've rearranged some of the pieces to try to capture the various threads of discussion (which sometimes get lost in the rush of live chat).

Please send email with your follow-on quions and comments, and suggions for topics we should focus on in future sessions. So long as the volume of email responses is manageable, I'll post the most pertinent ones here for all to see.

Threads (reconstructed after the fact):

Today's Participants:


Richard Seltzer -- The scheduled chat is on Business on the WWW. If you are here for that discussion, please identify yourself.

We're here to share experiences about doing business on the Internet -- particularly the World Wide Web. What works? What doesn't work? Why? What are the trends that matter? How can you/should you adapt to the Internet culture and environment?

I work for the Internet Business Group at Digital Equipment in Marlboro, MA. In that capacity, I end up talking to people from large companies about how they can use the Web for business.

I also have my own personal Web page -- which is content rich and no frills -- which I do for practically nothing and draws a fair amount of traffic and attention.

Richard Seltzer -- Hello, all those of you who are here for the chat session about business on the World Wide Web, please identify yourselves.

Richard Seltzer -- hello dsfsdf, Let's all identify ourselves and our interests so we can
get the discussion going. We're here to talk about Business on the WWW, and in particular, this time, about serving customers on line.

Richard Seltzer -- This is unusual doing this on a Tuesday -- we've always been.
on Thursdays at this time. But a power failure last Thursday wiped that session out and we have rescheduled. I'm hoping we get a good enough turnout for an active discussion.
Jay -- I see you on the "occupants" list. Where are you?
What's you area of interest?

Richard Seltzer -- Welcome, Ed, glad you could join us. (It's difficult changing the time like we had -- you get used to the rhythm of doing this on Thursdays [at least I do])

Ed Jaros -- Hello all. Ed Jaros... glad to be here.

Richard Seltzer -- Hello, Kaye, and waw and Sudha -- Good to see everyone is connecting. Let's introduce ourselves.

Kaye Vivian -- Hi! Kaye Vivian, communications consultant from New York here...lagging a lot, but here. :)

Sudha Jamthe -- Hi Richard, How are you doing?

Sudha Jamthe -- I am software Engineer working on intranets and volunteer at
Web-Net Group to learn and practice new web technology

waw -- Hi all - I'm a web page designer in Durham, NC

Kaye Vivian -- I note a screen change on the buttons...that helps :)

Richard Seltzer -- Kaye- yes, I, too like the change in the "buttons".

Richard Seltzer -- I'm hoping we'll be able to continue the discussion we were having in the last two sessions -- we had three good threads going. One centered around Groceries to Go and their unique business model. Another discussion centered around the study that Jim Ho had done of commercial Web sites. And a third thread was on Face to Face -- some new technology at Digital's Cambridge Research Labs.

Richard Seltzer -- Waw, are you working independently as a consultant? Or for a single company? What kinds of pages are you doing? Anything interactive -- for connecting sites to customers and customers to one another?

Kaye Vivian -- I'm a communications consultant in the New York City area (actually in Westchester County). Primarily I work with professional services firms--accountants and lawyers,