Kindle Owner News from B&R Samizdat Express — new versions of books to optimize appearance on all three generations of Kindle

Amazon is now shipping third generation Kindles.  With each generation, they make changes/improvements in how books are displayed.  That, in turn, necessitates that publishers go back and edit files that
they already have in the Kindle Store to make them so they display well on all generations of the Kindle.  Since I have over 3800 books in the store, that will take me awhile.  I’m starting with the most
popular titles.  When I make the changes, I add to the title “improved [the date]“.  So if you bought books of mine from the Kindle Store before, check back every once and a while to see if a version is
available.  Then you should be able to download the new one at no additional cost.  To do that go to  Then in the upper right corner, click on “Your Account”. Then under Digital
Content, click on “Manage Your Kindle”. Login when prompted. At the bottom of the next page, click on “Your Orders”. Then use the drop-down menu “Deliver to”. That’s where you would go if you lost
your Kindle or you bought a new one or you wanted to read one of your Kindle books on your PC, using their free viewer software. They should deliver the new version.  If they don’t, please let me know,
and I’ll send you the new one as an email attachment in .prc format, which works well on the Kindle.  (In that case, you could upload the file to the Documents folder on your Kindle using the USB cable).

And please let me know which titles you would like to see updated/upgraded, so I can set my priorities accordingly.

Richard Seltzer

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