297 books added to American Lit 2-CD set, price stays the same

I just updated our American Literature 2-CD set, adding 697 books, for a total of 3727 books by over 1000 authors. You can see the complete contents (don’t print it out — it’s huge) at our online store http://samizdat.stores.yahoo.net/amlitcd.html

Update policy reminder: As new public domain books become available in electronic form, we expand our existing CDs, adding dozens, sometimes hundreds of books. If you buy a CD or DVD directly from us, you have the right to buy up to 4 updates of that same CD or DVD, for the update price of just $10 per CD http://samizdat.stores.yahoo.net/cdupdate.html or $30 per DVD http://samizdat.stores.yahoo.net/dvdupdate.html. The updated CD or DVD includes all the books, not just the new ones; so you could give the old one to a friend or school or library. Just indicate which CD(s) you want in the comment section of the order form. (American Literature counts as two CDs).

Sorry for the delay. I missed four weeks, bogged down in a big project with a tight deadline. Now my wife, Barbara, will be working with me full-time, so this will no longer be a one-man-band. We’ll be able to devote more time to CD/DVD updates and publishing new books for the Kindle. Suggestions always welcome. (By the way, you can reach Barbara at barbara@samizdat.com)

I now plan to move ahead with the other Classic Collection updates — World Literature, British Literature, Children’s Books, and Non-Fiction. Then I’ll assemble the new version of our Complete Book DVD set, which will probably have several thousand new books and may take four instead of three DVDs.

Suggestions always welcome.

Richard Seltzer seltzer@samizdat.com

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