Processing 2000+ new books, making plans, need feedback

I’m about half way through processing over 2000 new books and organizing them into book collections on CD and DVD — integrating them with previous collections and making new collections. Here’s what I’m considering at this point.

I need to revamp the “classic collection”. 

  • Non-Fiction will grow beyond a 2-CD set.  I’m considering putting it all on a Non-Fiction DVD and for those who prefer CDs, splitting it into US History, Non-US History, and Other Non-Fiction.
  • American Lit will become a 2-CD set.  World Lit will become a 2-CD set. British Lit will become threee separate CDs — Before 19th Century, Early 19th Century, Late 19th and Early 20th Century.  I’ll make a Literature DVD, including American Lit, British Lit, World Lit, Canada, and Australia.

The Complete Book DVD collection will become 3 separate DVDs — Non-Fiction; Literature; and Other (Religion, Children’s Books, Music, World Reference, etc.)

Possible new CDs — Japan, China, India, Early Railroads/Trains/Locomotives, Early Aircraft, Charles King.  (King was an officer in the Civil War, then in the Wild West, became a colonel in the Spanish-American War, and a general (in charge of training) in WW I.  He wrote novels based on his experiences.)

Then I need to adjust our update policy. Where a 2-CD set becomes 3 CDs, if you bought a 2-CD set (such as Non-Fiction or British Lit), you should be entitled to any 2 of the 3 new CDs for the update price of $10 (I can’t afford to provide all 3 for that price).  Likewise If you bought our 2-DVD Complete Book set, you should be able to buy any 2 of the 3 new DVDs for the update price of $30.

Also, for Christmas, if you are interested in buying half a dozen or more CDs or DVDs as gifts, please contact me directly for a special price based on quantity.I’d appreciate your feedback and suggestions. 

Richard Seltzer, 

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