Novels/Stories/Poems by Richard Seltzer

Saint Smith and Other Stories
This book consists of two novellas and five short stories. Saint Smith focuses on Charlie, a would-be experimental film maker, Sarah, his traditional Bible-believing mother, and Irene, the clever, ironic, uninhibited German woman he marries. The Barracks takes place in basic training at Fort Polk, Louisiana, at the time of the Viet Nam War. The five stories deal with puzzles of human nature and the meaning of life.

Saint Smith "is rich in thought and peopled with intriguing characters (each soul exotic in its own peculiar mix of angels and demons, reality and fantasy, order and anarchy). The selected episodes of their lives are like pieces in an interlocking jigsaw puzzle which, when assembled, present another puzzle – the “What’s wrong with this picture?” kind...  It has a Barth, Vonnegut, even Borges aspect to it, as do the rest of the pieces in the collection..." - Rex Sexton, author, "Desert Flower"

Echoes from the Attic by Richard Seltzer and Ethel Kaiden

A contemporary novel, set in Boston's Back Bay. Apartment sharing turns everyday life inside out. Five strangers, separated by a generation, thrown together by chance or manipulation, spark passion and danger. They bond, reshuffle, and redefine their lives as they learn to cope with such threats as an infestation of burglars in the attic, global high-tech organized crime, public exposure and invitations to violence by hidden webcams, self-righteous jealousy, and violent death.

The Gentle Inquisitor and Other Stories
This book includes
The Gentle Inquisitor, Heavenly Gossip, Yanni, Revolution, and Hands.


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