Children's Fiction by Richard Seltzer

The Lizard of Oz A Novel, First Edition

When an elementary class sets out on a quest to save the world from disenchantment, their adventures reveal paradoxes of the human mind and ways of awakening the magic within us.

"An intriguing and very entertaining little novel"
(Library Journal)
"Carroll and Tolkien have a new companion"
"a work so saturated that the mind is both stoned with pleasure and alive with wonder"
(Lancaster Independent Press)
"A commentary on our times done delightfully" (Philadelphia Bulletin)
"a gallery of figments of contemporary culture that could take its place on the library shelf of memory along with classic figures of children's fiction" (Valley  Advocate)

Now and Then and Other Tales From Ome

The Philadelphia Daily News
said, "Seltzer has produced four charming stories for, he suggessts, children...Adults will find it has its appeal too: My favorite story is the one about the little princess who had a nice mother and was very happy and therefore very unhappy because how could Prince Charming come and rescue her if there was nothing to rescue her from?"

The Boston Globe said, "A highly original collection of short stories, sometimes humorous, sometimes profound.

The Lizard of Oz
   A Children's Play

Tiger in the Intercom,A Short Story
See You Later, Elevator,A Short Story

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