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Richard Seltzer explores the meaning of life through his novels, stories, plays, essays, and articles. 

His writing grows from his eclectic interests: the Internet and its impact on society, history, science fiction, languages, Russia, Ethiopia,and ancient Greece.

Also a publisher, he founded Samizdat Express in 1974, expanded to ebooks for the blind and book collections on CD and DVD. He now offers the world’s great classics through Quench Editions, the ebook store he founded, and all other major ebook stores. 

Featured Work of the Month: Meet Father Esteban, who worked for the good of the Order and the glory of God but succumbed to human instincts of love and mercy.
The Gentle Inquisitor

The Name of Hero
The Name of Man
Ethiopia Through Russian Eyes

Children's Fiction

The Lizard of Oz/Related Stories
Now and Then and Other Tales from Ome

Other Novels/Stories 

Saint Smith and Other Stories 
Echoes from the Attic, co-author Ethel Kaiden

The Bugle Boy, ten-minute play 
Spit and Polish, a screen play 
Rights Crossing, a two-act historical play  
Mercy (a two-act historical comedy) based on the lives of Mercy Otis Warren and General Johnny Burgoyne 
Traffic Jam, a short screen play  
Without a Myth, a three-act play


Internet Business Books 
Web Business Boot Camp Hands-on Internet lessons for Managers, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals 
Take Charge of Your Web Site 
Shop Online the Lazy Way
The AltaVista Search Revolution
The Social Web How to Build Successful Personal or Business Web Sites
The Way of the Web: Lessons from the Internet

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