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The Bugle Boy, a Eulogy for my Dad, who died June 14, 2014.
Life Lessons, a collection of 50 stories by J. Paul Seltzer

  The Barb Blogs -- in Memory of My Wife, Who Died December 4, 2012

Calling all literary agents -- "Slow Magic, Fast Magic"
Genre: Mainstream/Literary fictionword count = 67,000

When is a triangle not a triangle?  When it extends beyond death and across 3000 years?

Breeze is enigmatic, irresistible, perhaps immortal.  When she goes into a coma while making love in a college dorm room, she wakes up with a new body on the shores of Troy during the Trojan War.  There she struggles with the dangers and comedy of adjusting to everyday life in a different world, where she is compelled by blood revenge to kill Achilles.

Meanwhile back in the 21st century, Yannie, the love of her most recent life, strives to get her medical care and bring her out of the coma, even as he tries to figure out who and what she is.

And Lauren, who has known and loved Yannie since childhood -- solid, reliable, passionate, and devious -- tries to win him back from his demon lover.

With a twist at the end that you'll never expect and never forget.

If you are an agent or know of an agent who might be interested in this novel, please send me email

Other writings related to Greek mythology
Making sense of the myths behind Greek tragedy, in particular the mythos of Pelops/Atreus/Agamemnon, article by Richard Seltzer

Without a Myth (three-act stage play) -- The characters are assigned roles in a fantastic myth. They can either go ahead and act out their lives in accord wth their given script or drop out and never have any role in life. They have 24 hours in which to decide. A flaw in the rules of this absurd, cosmic games makes the choices and actions of the two main characters a matter of life and death.

The Story of the Trojan War in Heroic Couplets (doggerel written in the sixth grade)

Fiction, Plays, and Poetry by Richard Seltzer and Related Matters
Alexander (Father Anthony) Bulatovich
Review of The Circle by Dave Eggers
Blogging About Books
Business on the Internet (old books, articles and speeches that might still be of interest)
Fuzzy Thinking About Big Questions

30-Minute Video Review of MASH TV Series (all 11 seasons) by Tim Seltzer
Video Review of the MASH Movie by Tim Seltzer
Video Review of the Starship Troopers movie by Tim Seltzer, part 1, part 2

Genealogy of Richard Seltzer
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Blogging about Books - The Implications of Ebook Publishing and Other Related Matters of Interest to Richard Seltzer

Blogging about Books

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Take Charge of Your Web Site: three simple lessons for business people by Richard Seltzer (MightyWords, 2001)

Shop Online the Lazy Way, written by Richard Seltzer
(Macmillan, 1999).

The Social Web: a book about how to build successful personal or business Web sites, 1998.

The Way of the Web
lessons from the Internet -- how to adapt to the new business environment, 1995.

Internet Business Insights: audio and text of three speeches by Richard Seltzer -- The Future of Business on the Internet, The Power of Words: Content-Based Internet Marketing, and Why Didn't the Walls Come Tumbling Down? An Outsider's View of Distance Education", (requires RealPlayer)

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Internet nostalgia (remember the days when the Web was new and very few companies used it for business?)

Glimpse of the Future Video. 
Now available at YouTube.  Three minutes. This video was created by Richard Seltzer and Berthold Langer in February 1994, when they worked at DEC, before the launch of Netscape and half a year before formation of DEC's Internet Business Group. NCSA (creators of Mosaic, the first Web browsers) and dozens of other organizations, including Digital's competitors. distributed thousands of copies of this video, using it to help spread the word about the business potential of the Web, which, at that time, many business people found difficult to imagine. Thanks to David Wecker and Gene Kusekoski for converting this video to a variety of formats.

The Internet -- a New Dimension (remarks when accepting the first ever Internet Marketing Award at Internet World, June 1994, plus script of the award-winning video "A Glimpse of the Future").

A Brief History of DEC's Internet Business Group

The DEC case study -- Digital Equipment Corporation: The Internet Company by Sirkka Jarvenpaa, and Blake Ives

"My Internet: a personal view of Internet business opportunities,"
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Who we are
Articles on:
Internet speeches (slides and scripts of speeches delivered by Richard Seltzer)

DEC, not Digital -- introduction to a proposed book, with responses from dozens of ex-DECies
Where the people are -- now it's Boston/New Hampshire
Internet Business Group Alumni Page -- history and alumni directory
Digital Equipment Corporation: The Internet Company -- case study


Fuzzy Thinking About Big Questions by Richard Seltzer


My latest book -- "Saint Smith and Other Stories"

Saint Smith and Other Stories consists of two novellas and five short stories. "Saint Smith" focuses on Charlie, a would-be experimental film maker, Sarah his traditional Bible-believing mother, and Irene the clever ironic uninhibited German woman he marries. "The Barracks" takes place in basic training at Fort Polk, Louisiana, at the time of the Viet Nam War. The five stories deal with puzzles of human nature and the meaning of life.  or   or "[Saint Smith is] rich in thought and peopled with intriguing characters (each soul exotic in its own peculiar mix of angels and demons, reality and fantasy, order and anarchy). The selected episodes of their lives are like pieces in an interlocking jigsaw puzzle which, when assembled, present another puzzle – the “What’s wrong with this picture?” kind. Everyone and everything is in its appropriate place, all is proper. Yet something is missing. Something isn’t right. Somehow it all has the quality of a dream. And yet it isn’t a dream – it’s life. The theme of sandcastles, the building of houses, the mansions in houses, the building of lives, the dream of living, Charlie with his camera like waves sweeping over fragile constructions at once real and make believe is all brilliant, and challenging. It has a Barth, Vonnegut, even Borges aspect to it, as do the rest of the pieces in the collection, only without the surrealism, which may make it even more effective as the impact settles in."
-- Rex Sexton, author of "Desert Flower", "The Time Hotel", Night Without Stars", and "X Ray Eyes"


Religious Beliefs of Alexander (Father Anthony) Bulatovich

"Apologiya Very vo Imya Bozhiye i vo Imya Isus" by Alexander (Father Anthony) Bulatovich, first published in 1913 by "Religious Philosophical Library".  In the original Russian.  I photocopied this book at the National Library of Greece in Athens in 1972.  Now, forty years later, I scanned those photocopies to make the book available on the Web as a pdf file.  I have other related books of his as well.  Please let me know if you would like me to handle those in the same way.

Na Gorakh Kavkaza by Ilarion  This is the book that inspired Bulatovich's belief that the Name of God is part of God and therefore in itself divine. First edition, 1907, in Russian. A pdf file.

Heresy on Mount Athos: Conflict over the Name of God among Russian Monks and Hierarchs, 1912-14 by Tom Dykstra  As an html document.

Ethiopia through Russian Eyes

Ethiopia through Russian Eyes consists of two books: From Entotto to the River Baro and With the Armies of Menelik II, both written by Alexander Bulatovich and translated by Richard Seltzer. This is a unique and detailed first-hand account of Ethiopia in 1896-98 -- at the change of an era -- by a Russian officer with remarkable understanding for the many varied people who lived there and keen insight into their destiny.

Africa World Press/Red Sea Press published a print edition of this book which you can buy from

The full text is also available here on the Web:

"Despite its bland title, this is the most important book on the history of eastern Africa to have been published for a century."  That's the beginning of a review of my book Ethiopia Through Russian Eyes (my translation from the Russian of From Entotto to the River Baro and With the Armies of Menelik II by Alexander Bulatovich) that just appeared in the August/Septemter 2008 issue of Old Africa (published in Kenya). 

Articles, excerpts and links related to Bulatovich and Ethiopia


The Name of Hero by Richard Seltzer

The Name of Hero is an historical novel based on the life of Alexander Bulatovich, a Russian who was an explorer in Ethiopia, a cavalry officer during Russia's conquest of Manchuria in 1900, and later, as a monk at Mount Athos, led a group of "heretics" who challenged the hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church, asserting the divinity of the Name of God. (Originally published by Tarcher/Houghton Mifflin). You can buy the hard cover edition of this book here.  A translation of this book in Russian is available at  The translator is Nataliya Nemzer.

Or you can read the text (in full)  on the Web: Related documents:

Letters from Princess Mary Orbeliani (sister of Alexander Bulatovich) to Richard Seltzer (author of The Name of Hero)
Transcripts of tape-recorded conversations with Princess Mary Orbeliani, sister of Alexander Bulatovich, June 3- 4, 1973

Timeline for Alexander Bulatovich from 1870 until he became a monk in 1907, with excerpts from his military record

The Name of Man

Sample chapters from an unpublished novel (a sequel to The Name of Hero): Related documents: Email from the great-great grandson of Emperor Menelik II, and news of the fate of Vaska

Works of Andre Orbeliani, nephew of Alexander Bulatovich (the "hero" of The Name of Hero)

Andre Orbeliani was the only child of Princess Mary Orbeliani and Prince Alexei Orbeliani (of Georgia).  He was the nephew of Alexander Bulatovich, about whom I wrote the novel The Name of Hero.  After having met his mother in Penticton, British Columbia, in 1972, I corresponded with Andre, trying to get more details about the life of his uncle.  He and I never met face-to-face.

In the course of our correspondence he sent me copies of his self-published fiction and poetry, which he intended for me to post on the Web to reach a larger audience.  I procrastinated, then he died (in 2001), then I misplaced the box in which I had stored them and his letters to me.  I found the missing box last week (in November 2011).  I will post here his fiction and poetry as .pdf images and his letters (some in English and some in French) which I will typed in.

Go to for links to
Twenty Eight Gramms of Poetry (1982)
Herr Luftinspektor, a Poem (in English, no date)
Lunaya Sonata (a poem in Russian, 1967)
The Scarlet Lady (a novella, 1973)
Jeff Smeerkaas, a play in five acts (no date)

The Lizard of Oz by Richard Seltzer

When an elementary class sets out on a quest to save the world from disenchantment, their adventures reveal paradoxes of the human mind and ways of awakening the magic within us.

Library Journal -- "An intriguing and very entertaining little novel"

Aspect -- "Carroll and Tolkien have a new companion"

Lancaster (PA) Independent Press -- "a work so saturated that the mind is both stoned with pleasure and alive with wonder"

Philadelphia Bulletin -- "A commentary on our times done delightfully"

You can buy a printed (paperback) copy of this book at Amazon

You can buy an ebook version, with the illustrations, by download (in epub, pdf, and prc, for reading on PC, Mac, Kindle, Nook, etc.) at our Quench Editions store

You can both read and listen to this story here on the Web:
Audio-book version of The Lizard of Oz (complete text, plus illustrations by Christin Couture and audio narration by the author). To hear the audio, you must have the RealPlayer. This is a new, expanded version of the underground classic, originally published in 1974. This edition (which includes new episodes and changes throughout) is not available in print.

Or you can read the text-only version of of the second (expanded) edition of The Lizard of Oz online:

The children's play version of THE LIZARD OF OZ

Kathy Smith and the Alternative Elementary School in Sharon, Mass., developed a stage adaptation of my book The Lizard of Oz for a production they put on in 1976. I later polished and trimmed their working script, in collaboration with Kathy, to arrive at the present version.

They put on nine performances to capacity audiences. Their production lasted 50 minutes, but held the attention of audiences ranging in age from kindergartners to parents. Some kids went back to see it as many as four times.

The class consists of seven or more kids and two teachers. These kids move through a series of vignettes, meeting new, bit characters about every three minutes. The kids should react to these new characters with exaggerated enthusiasm and intense concentration. Suggested lines are given in the script, but, to a large extent, the kids can improvise, saying what feels natural to them in the situation, rather than memorizing set speeches.

This flexibility makes it possible for relatively young kids to work with this relative long script. (The cast of the Sharon production ranged in age from 5-1/2 to 12.)

The bit characters move on stage, have their piece to say, and move off again. One person could have three or four such bit parts. (The Sharon production involved 16 actors). Or an entire class of 25 or more kids could be involved, all having lines to speak.

For the most effective production, use the whole room, not just the stage. The script assumes a relatively flexible auditorium/gym space. A few scenes that require props (such as classroom and library) take place on stage, but much of the action takes place in front of the stage around "the little green VW" (the Sharon class used cardboard sides cut to shape and painted). Sometimes, as indicated in the script, characters should enter from behind the audience, using the center aisle.

The name of the town could be changed to make it local. The director might also want to add incidental mentions of the school's name and local landmarks and streets at the beginning when the class is in school and at the end when the class returns home.

Review from Plays for Children and Young Adults, an Evaluative Index and Guide, Supplement 1, 1989-1994 by Raschelle S. Karp, June H. Schlessinger, and Bernard S. Schlessinger, Garland Publishing, New York, 1996.

"1101. K-12 (+) Seltzer, Richard, The Lizard of Oz. CAST: 6f, 14m, u. ACTS: 1. SETTINGS: Bare stage. PLAYING TIME: 50 min. PLOT: Two fish, in a fishbowl in a basement classroom, remark on the boredom of the students. One of the fish, Mr. Shermin, explains to the other, Mrs. O'Rourke, that the boredom is caused by the Humbug's tune, which can only be changed by the Lizard of Oz. One of the children Eugene, overhears the conversation and conspires with the fish to travel to Oz in a little green VW with several classmates. On the way, the car falls into a pothole, and encounters a witch who gives them directions. They meet the potheads, people with pots for heads, who help them with more water for the fishbowl. The witch reappears at various times, and the group meets Sir Real, who has a cereal bowl for a head; eggheads, including Humpty Dumpty; a wallflower; an empty-headed pothead with blue eyes (Mr New Man); Mr. Francis Bacon, the librarian; Mr. Charon, the ferryboatman/undertaker; Lewis Carroll; William Shakespeare; Mark Twain; and Plato and the Muses. Mrs. O'Rourke swims off and Mr. Shermin becomes a human teacher. The gang reaches Oz and a bevy of further odd characters and returns to the classroom, refreshed, and with a new teacher, Mr. Shermin. RECOMMENDATION: The adventures and the characters are out of Alice in Wonderland, but the overall effect is comic and interesting."

Cast of the original production in 1977 in Sharon, MA.

The full text of the play, as an HTML file here or as a pdf file (with all the illustrations embedded). You can buy this playscript at our online store

Children's Stories

Now and Then and Other Tales from Ome

Boston Globe -- "A highly original collection of short stories -- sometimes humorous, sometimes profound."

Philadelphia Daily News -- "Seltzer has produced four charming stories for, he suggests, children around the age of nine. Adults will find the book has its appeal too: My favoite story is the one about the little princess who had a nice mother and was very happy and therefore very unhappy because how could Prince Charming come and rescue her if there was nothing to rescue her from?"

Audio-book version of Now and Then and Other Tales from Ome (complete text, plus illustrations and audio narration by the author). To hear the audio, you must have the RealPlayer. You can buy the audio-book version of this book plus The Lizard of Oz, See You Later Elevator, Hundreds and Hundreds of Gerbils, and Tiger in the Intercom on CD from our online store at You can also buy Now and Then in paperback or hardcover there.

The complete book, including all illustrations

Separate files for each story, no illustrations (fast-loading):

Other children's stories You can buy the audio-book version of The Lizard of Oz, Now and Then and Other Tales from Ome, See You Later Elevator, Hundreds and Hundreds of Gerbils, and Tiger in the Intercom on CD  at our online store at

Other Stories by Richard Seltzer

Without a Myth (or Amythos) -- a stage play by Richard Seltzer

Without a Myth (three-act stage play) -- The characters are assigned roles in a fantastic myth. They can either go ahead and act out their lives in accord wth their given script or drop out and never have any role in life. They have 24 hours in which to decide. A flaw in the rules of this absurd, cosmic games makes the choices and actions of the two main characters a matter of life and death.

This play has not yet been been published in paper form. It will be produced for the first time by High Impact Theater at the Met Performing Arts Center in Spokane, Washington, in the spring of 2000. They first found the play at this site. If you have any suggestions on how we could get this produced elsewhere, please let us know.

This play, together with other plays by Richard Seltzer, is available on a single diskette, which you can buy from

Making sense of the myths behind Greek tragedy, in particular the mythos of Pelops/Atreus/Agamemnon, article by Richard Seltzer

Mercy (a stage play) by Richard Seltzer

Mercy (a two-act historical comedy) is based on the lives of Mercy Otis Warren and General Johnny Burgoyne. A recent biography of Burgoyne, entitled The Man Who Lost America, focuses on his defeat and surrender at Saratoga in 1777. A recent biography of Mercy Warren, entitled First Lady of the Revolution, indicates that she was intimately connected with principal actors and actions of the Revolution.

Both Burgoyne and Mercy Warren were playwrights. After the Revolution, Burgoyne wrote several "hit" plays for the London stage. In 1775, during the British occupation of Boston, he wrote The Blockade of Boston. Mercy replied with a play entitled The Blockheads.

These two historical figures are natural antagonists who should be made to meet on the stage.

(If you have any suggestions on how we could get this produced, please let us know.)

This play, together with other plays by Richard Seltzer, is available on a single diskette, which you can buy from

Mercy Warren home page, where we are posting her history of the American Revolution and her plays

Mercy Warren's long-neglected history of the American Revolution. The complete text of "History of the Rise, Progress and Termination of the American Revolution, Interspersed with biographical, political and moral observations, in three volumes"(free online)

Rights Crossing (a stage play) by Richard Seltzer

Rights Crossing (a two-act historical play) was written for Columbia, Pennsylvania, where it was performed December 1-4, 1976, as part of that town's bicentennial celebration. The events of the play take place in December 1777 and center around the Conway conspiracy.

The action focuses on the strategic importance of the ferry crossing that would one day become Columbia; situated between Congress in York and the army in Valley Forge. The fates of the town-to-be and the nation-to-be are interwoven, with local historical figures playing significant roles in a plausible confrontation with Conway and Mifflin.

Conway, plotting to overthrow Washington, tries to seize the ferry. But he underestimates the determination and resourcefulness of old Susannah Wright, the owner of the ferry, and her nephew Sam, the future founder of the town of Columbia.

(If you have any suggestions on how we could get this produced, please let us know.)

Spit and Polish (a full-length screen play) by Richard Seltzer

HTML version of Spit and Polish

Acrobat (.pdf) version of Spit an Polish, in standard movie-script format

Spit and Polish (AKA "The Barracks", AKA "The Summer of Our Discontent") has never been produced nor published. The setting is basictraining at Fort Polk, Louisiana, in the summer of 1970 ( just after the invasion of Cambodia and the Kent State shootings). The trainees are reservists, national guardsmen, and four black draftees who have been "recycled." The draftees want nothing to do with the war. They have been through basic before and deliberately failed in order to postpone being shipped to Viet Nam. For the others, basic is a brief, but painful interruption in their normal lives. So long as there is no major foul-up, they'll return to their school or job in a few weeks. But the disappearance of one of the blacks threatens them all.

(If you have any suggestions on how we could get this produced, please let us know.)

This play, together with other plays by Richard Seltzer, is available on a single diskette, which you can buy from

Traffic Jam (a short screen play) by Richard Seltzer

HTML version.
Word document in standard script format

An ordinary ride down a crowded superhighway becomes surreal when the drivers realize that htey have no control over their vehicles. (10 pp.)

Poems by Richard Seltzer

Miscellaneous poems which have been collecting dust for 30 years.
The Story of the Trojan War in Heroic Couplets (doggerel written in the sixth grade)

Articles by Richard Seltzer

Book Reviews by Richard Seltzer

Rome Travelogue from November 2009

Simple but Special Do-It-Yourself Gift for a Two-Year-Old

How to make a personalized photo book for a toddler --
Example ("Lila's Book. Christmas 2011).


Ancestor surfing-- using Wikipedia to trace ancestry back 50+ generations

Four Queens -- Nancy Goldstone's book "Four Queens" gives a panoramic view of 13th century Europe, from the perspectives of four sisters whose marriages made them queens of France, England, Germany, and Sicily. Two of those queens, Eleanor, wife of King Henry III of England, and Marguerite, wife of King Louis IX of France (Saint Louis), were ancestors of mine. Details at

Helen Seltzer's Extraordinary Women  My mother, Helen Isabella Estes Seltzer, died Dec. 28, 2010, at the age of 90.  Because of her life-long interest in family history, in her memory I compiled these profiles of powerful and strong-willed women among her ancestors, who might inspire her descendants.


Keep It Simple Use Low-tech Methods for Better Results at Low Cost by Richard Seltzer, column written for eLearn Magazine
Learn from online universities -- join them, don't fight them, and help transform education, column written for eLearn Magazine
Lessons for Would-Be Principals -- Case Studies from High School Administration (The doctoral dissertation "Human Relations in Secondary School Administration: Case Episodes")  by Richard Warren Seltzer, Sr.

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