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Richard Seltzer first created this Web site in 1994. His goal was to test theories about how the Internet could function for the benefit of all. Before the invention of blogs, with text-based chats and articles that included visitor input, he created a "social" web site using non-technical authoring tools. The experience of building and publicizing the Web site as well as writing the first consumer book about search engines served as the basis for Richard's speeches, articles, and books about the Internet.

Currently the Web site has two goals: to focus upon Richard as a writer and to market ebooks, both through the online bookstore he founded and major ebook stores. The Web site
also provides an online space for family and friends to showcase their writing and other interests.

Richard is a prolific writer whose varied works demonstrate his focus upon a variety of genres and a broad range of topics. Much of his work appears on the site,
where he writes to explore the meaning of life through his novels, stories, plays, essays, and articles. Some of his early writing deals with the the nature and future of the Internet. His writing grows from his eclectic interests: the Internet and its impact on society, history, science fiction, languages, Russia, Ethiopia,and ancient Greece.

Featured Work of the Month: The Gentle Inquisitor    Meet Father Esteban, who worked for the good of the Order and the glory of God but succumbed to human instincts of love and mercy.


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